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Home Decluttering Services

Sometimes houses manage to fill themselves with odds and ends that quickly take over your space, despite your best efforts to keep the clutter at bay. We all have that pesky junk drawer filled with old takeout flyers, pencil stubs, and knickknacks tucked away in our homes.

What is decluttering?

Decluttering is the act of removing unnecessary mess and clutter, and organizing and prioritizing one’s space. Studies have shown that clutter can actually increase feelings of stress, depression and anxiety, and it’s common to feel overwhelmed when considering how to tackle the mess.

How can decluttering help?

When your clutter feels out of control, you can trust Darling Solutions’ decluttering services to sort through the unnecessary items and take back your space! Decluttering can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety, as well as increase feelings of control (along with many other benefits).

Our solution

We will work with you to understand your goals, help guide you to make choices on what you can part with, and organize your space so that it is functional and practical for your everyday life. If you want to keep everything, but have it neatly organized and arranged, we can help with that too – we offer home decluttering services to help bring order from chaos! 

Let Darling Solutions help you – we can’t keep your house tidy for you after we’ve left, but we can reorganize your home and give you a clutter-free, organized space.

We will:

  • Sort and organize your home anywhere you choose – no kitchen, bathroom, or storage room will scare us away!
  • Tidy common areas to create more space and organization
  • Reorganize closet and cupboard space to maximize utility and practicality
  • Suggest or purchase organizational aids to help keep you organized long after we’ve left
  • Pack and remove unnecessary articles to be stored, donated, disposed of, or recycled.
  • Store and label items clearly for easy retrieval

Home Staging Services

Selling your house? Staging can help to bring up the perceived value and ensure you get the most value possible from the sale of your house, regardless of how hot the real estate market is!

First impressions matter!

The goal of staging is to help potential buyers visualize living in the house, which is achieved by depersonalizing the current living arrangements. Because many buyers begin their housing search on the internet, the value of staging can be quite dramatic – the photos listed online are the first impression a potential buyer has. Let Darling Solutions enhance your home’s indoor charm and outdoor appeal with professional staging!

Our process

We use as much of the existing house contents as possible when staging; by rearranging, accessorizing, and removing obvious personal items and photos from the space, we help to ensure maximum appeal for prospective homebuyers. If required, Darling Solutions can rent out additional staging materials to create a cohesive look for the home, or make purchases on your behalf to enhance the existing décor. Our professional stagers may also make suggestions about fixtures and paint colours to help neutralize your house in the eyes of potential buyers.

Home staging

Staging is typically best employed when you have already moved out of your house, so that day-to-day life doesn’t create mess or clutter that could impact showings. Sometimes that isn’t possible we will work with your individual requirements to create a staged space that is showing-friendly, but still maintains a balance of style and functionality for you to live comfortably in the meantime.

Darling Solutions home staging services will help to maximize the final sale price of your house, and minimize days on the market. As a graduate of the Certified International Staging Professional (CISPTM) program, Kelly is confident that our staging techniques will lead to a successful sale.

We will:

  • Optimize furniture placement, lighting and décor using your house contents
  • Make purchases on your behalf (and with approval) to accessorize and enhance house appeal when necessary
  • Highlight the home’s focal points
  • Provide a light cleaning of your house, inside and out
  • Declutter and organize your house contents, hiding personal photos and items away neatly
  • Make suggestions on interior and exterior fixtures, painting or repairs, as well as landscaping, to minimize your costs while maximizing curb appeal
  • Provide referrals to deep cleaning, contractor, and/or landscaping services as required
  • Capture the interest of potential buyers

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Darling Solutions provide staging materials?

No, Darling Solutions does our best to stage homes with existing furniture, and we do not stock staging materials or furniture. Our expert stagers can make suggestions on purchases, or look into rental furniture for staging if absolutely required. Some realtors have staging materials for their clients to use during photography and showings – it may be worth asking them, just in case!

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