Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Darling Solutions only work with seniors?

Not at all — Darling Solutions is pleased to provide our services to anybody who needs them! We specialize in senior moving and transition services because we found that typically seniors need more support with these services. 

That said, we are happy to help people of all ages, with as much or as little as they need. Many young professionals have enjoyed our turnkey transition services so that their new home is ready to be lived in at the end of their moving day.

Why don’t you list your prices online?

Like many moving companies, our prices change seasonally, and some factors (such as how many movers are required, distance moving services, weekend moving services, etc.) change our pricing structure. 

In our experience, providing estimates based on the size of dwelling is not an accurate measurement! Some folks are quite spartan in their home décor, while others have content from floor to ceiling. By offering free consultations, we are proud to provide the most accurate estimate possible for the services you need.

Are you are more expensive than other moving or transition companies?

Our pricing is competitive with other Ottawa moving companies, but our services are of a different caliber. We are more detail-oriented and service-focused than our competitors. 

Previous clients have described us as a red-carpet moving solution, and we agree! In addition, Darling Solutions has an incredibly low breakage rate – less than 1%, which is exceptional in the moving industry.

How are you different than other moving and transition companies?

We operate differently than many larger moving companies, from management to our ground-level operations. It’s the secret to our success! Well, that and our top-notch team.

      • We provide free, on-site consultations when possible, and a combination of photo, email, and phone consultations when it isn’t possible to see the job in advance. 
      • We offer more than just moving services – just about anything relating to a move is something we can help with. If it isn’t listed, you can always ask us if we can help anyways – we might surprise you!
      • We provide our team with their schedules in advance (not day of), and they get detailed descriptions of the intended services so that they have the information they need to ensure that each client service is provided to the best of our ability.
      • On top of that, we pay higher than average (read: a living wage) to our employees, because we recognize that they work very hard for a living, and because the moving industry is somewhat seasonal so it’s hard to have consistent hours each week!
      • Management works hard to provide a positive and encouraging environment for our team, and seeks out team feedback to improve the client and team experience.
      • We do not book beyond our capacity to ensure we deliver consistently excellent service.
      • We don’t believe in hidden fees – our hourly rate is our price for the service, with no additional charges for stairs, etc.

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