Benefits of Hiring a Professional Downsizing Service for Seniors in Ottawa

Moving box on countertop. Photo by cottonbro studio, via Pexels.
Photo by cottonbro studio, via Pexels.

Downsizing is an inevitable part of life for many people who are looking to declutter and simplify their living spaces. However, the process of downsizing can be particularly emotionally and physically challenging for seniors, especially for people who have accumulated a lot of possessions over time.

There’s a lot to be said for elbow grease and hard work, but hiring a service that specializes in moving seniors can make the entire process easier and less stressful. They are also a completely fresh outside perspective – it can be much easier to stomach advice from someone you don’t need to interact with again, especially if you’re struggling to make choices. They will understand how to approach things respectfully and supportively to help you accomplish your goals. 

Here are some reasons why we think you should consider hiring specialized help when you (or a senior in your life) is ready to downsize:

Personalized service and solutions

Professional senior downsizing services are tailored to meet the specific needs of seniors, whether it is downsizing from their home to a smaller dwelling, or transitioning to a senior living community.

The most obvious benefit of hiring a company that specializes in seniors is their experience. They’ve dealt with just about every situation under the sun, and so they can offer personalized strategies and solutions for common moving issues and hiccups.

At Darling Solutions, we like to start with a consultation – this allows us to see your house contents and get the full scope of your needs. From there, our consultant will propose a customized plan and estimate to provide as much or as little support as you need, and you can think about it from there.

Proper organization

When seniors decide to downsize, they often don’t know where to start. Professional downsizing services can organize the process, so you know precisely what is happening and when; you can also supervise to make sure your possessions are labelled and handled with care.

A downsizing professional can help you decide what to keep, sell, donate or dispose of, helping every step of the way. They can assist with a floor plan (including making sure there is adequate room for mobility equipment), and handle sorting, packing, and organizing house contents as well as the physical move. You will feel more organized and in control of the process with their help, and they’ll make sure no detail is missed!

At Darling Solutions, we have a dedicated office team to coordinate our services. Once all the required arrangements are in place for a client’s service, we send them a detailed plan by email including all dates, times, locations, and planned activities, so that all the information they need is collected in one place.

Minimize physical exertion

Downsizing can be physically challenging for anyone, but especially for seniors with mobility issues. You won’t have to life a finger – a professional downsizing services will handle all the heavy lifting and physical exertion, completing the moving services and even dispersing the remaining home contents for sale, donation, and disposal.

Save time and money

Downsizing can be an incredibly time-consuming process, especially if you’re tackling it solo. Bringing in a professional downsizing service will save you a significant amount of time and effort, and their experience helps to avoid costly mistakes that can result in expenses related to storage, transportation, and lost or damaged items.

Plus, if you are participating in the packing and sorting work, having another person working with you can actually help your motivation and efficiency – it’s a neat little trick called body doubling.

Reduce stress

Moving and downsizing can be a stressful process, both physically and emotionally. Professional downsizing services can help seniors cope with the stress of downsizing by providing an empathetic and compassionate approach. They also offer practical advice – they’re helped other people through similar experiences, and they can give advice about what essentials you are likely to actually need in your new home.

If they are providing a full service, they may unpack and fully set up your new home, including hanging pictures and making the bed. If your company is observant, they will try to mimic your old layout as much as possible.

We’ve found that the little details can matter the most – having the same picture by the front door can make a new place feel like home. If memory issues are in play, mimicking their prior setup is even more important as it can significantly minimize distress and help the individual adjust more easily.

Access to resources

Professional downsizing services can offer seniors access to valuable information and resources like appraisers, auctioneers, and donation centers. They may have established, trusted contacts for cleaning services, realtors, and other contractor services.

These resources can help seniors make informed decisions about their possessions and maximize their returns when selling or donating their belongings. If your downsizing company offers you a direct referral to an auctioneer or appraiser, they probably feel very confident that their referral will treat you honestly. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits to hiring a professional downsizing service. A professional downsizer that is specialized in moving seniors will make the process as painless as possible, from first contact until your services are complete.

They will manage the entire downsizing process, reducing your stress and providing a more comfortable downsizing experience. Their experience will allow them to create a customized plan for your individual needs, and they will be able to support you throughout the process.

Are you looking to downsize, or do you know a senior who could use our help to downsize? Darling Solutions is specialized in moving seniors, and we’ve been in business since 2010. Click here to contact our office today – you can discuss your unique situation and 

What your friends Say


Dave Tod
Positive: Professionalism
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We used Darling to move my parents into the Redwoods September 1, 2020. The pre move consultation went smoothly as did the prepacking and on moving day the guys showed up on time and finished on time. I was greeted by name so that was a nice bonus. The team wore uniforms – a nice touch of professionalism.

The team knew where to park and the layout of both buildings – again good research. And although I was not present for the off loading it went smoothly as well. All of the team showed expertise and an understanding of the complexities of dealing with elderly people and their families.

We would definitely recommend them!
Pierre Sabourin
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
What a fantastic group of Professionals I have nothing but amazing things to say. They helped keep my parents positive in this huge transition into their new home.

This in my opinion is service the way it’s supposed to be. I love you all thank you so so much
Janet Smith
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
I have dealt with Darling Solutions to move my Dad from his home to a retirement residence twice and now as an estate move. All the staff are very helpful and professional. The first move I decided to do the unpacking myself but the second time I had them do the unpacking and placing of everything. They did a phenomenal job at placing the furniture, hanging pictures etc. The last move they delivered furniture donations to Mathew House for me also took things to Value Village and disposed of anything of no value and delivered what was coming to my home. They even moved a piece of furniture from my den to my basement as it was being replaced by a desk from my Dad.

I would definitely recommend Darling Solutions for your moving needs.
G Green
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
We are deeply appreciative of the work done by the Darling team, during a stressful time. Prospective clients can have full confidence in their services, from first contact, to final billing. We especially enjoyed working with the packers (who also set up and help to stage at the destination) and the movers. They were fast, friendly, and very good at their jobs. Big thanks to Julie, Kelly H, Dan, and Yan.
John O'Halloran
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
After 37 years military service and countless moves my recent move with Darling Solutions was the most professional, efficient, cost effective, caring and competent moving company I encountered. Darling handled my furniture and effects as if it were their own. Paul and Aimee were most efficient and careful packers. The entire team, under Paul as Team Leader, were so proficient, friendly and professional that my son gave them all a tip. I had a fantastic downsizing move. Customer service was top drawer. My move with Darling was painless. Darling looked after all my moving requirements in the most professional and caring manner. I was not disappointed when I selected Darling Solutions as my mover. John F. O'Halloran
Sarah Boyd
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
I appreciate the overall care and attention Darling Solutions gave to my mother's move from her house to a retirement home. They provided their services for the initial move to the retirement home, staging when her house went up for sale and removal and dispersement services when her house sold. Communication with staff was always polite and courteous.In addition, Darling Solutions pricing is very reasonable. I am so thankful we had the good fortune of finding them. I can't recommend them more highly!
Ellen Garmaise
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
Darling Solutions handled our large move faultlessly, from decluttering to packing to moving to unpacking. Everything that was promised was delivered. Over six days we got to know many of the staff members, and appreciated their support and suggestions. They were always good humoured with us and with each other. The office staff was unfailingly available, reliable and helpful. We were delighted with the service and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.
Margot Laporte
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
Read More
We used Darling Solutions to pack up and move my elderly parents from their home of 35 years to live with family 3 hours away. They customized their services to meet our particular needs. Every aspect of the service provided was fantastic. All the involved staff were so professional and efficient. They made what was expected to be a stressful time so much easier. Highly recommend this company.
Flora Knight
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
I used Darling Solutions for my move which required downsizing from a house to an apartment. They did a fantastic job and relieved me of all the stress involved in such a move. They also moved and setup my personal belongings and other items into my new apartment. I highly recommend Darling Solutions for your next move.
Shawn Ladd
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
Read More
Kelly Darling and her crew have moved my aging parents twice now. They are discreet, considerate, careful, and do complete work.
Andre Cousineau
Positive: Professionalism, Value
Read More
Best movers we ever had. Ian, Colton, Tim, and Yan, did a great job. Every piece of furniture was carefully wrapped and unwrapped when we reached our destination. First time we move and not a stick of furniture was damaged. Great job guys!
Clarissa Brocklehurst
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
We were so, so pleased with the services of the Darling moving team. Liam and Jon were efficient, kind, polite and caring. They were a pleasure to have in the house and quickly put our minds at rest about the move – they got everything done and were unfailingly cheerful and positive.
Kimberly Irwin
Read More
Darling Solutions made a very difficult life transition for our family as smooth as could be hoped for. With 3 siblings, a dad with severe dementia and a mother not wanting to leave the home we grew up in and all the memories that were so hard to let go - it took a special person to navigate this.

Kelly's team displayed the same mindfulness, caring and compassion on the job as she did during the initial consult. We are grateful to your company for helping us through this. Thank you
Chris Jackson
Read More
The best moving company I have ever dealt with, all their crew is very professional, friendly and very hard working.

I highly recommend Darling Solutions to anyone.
Robert Cope
Read More
My wife and I have moved more than a dozen times over the years – this was the very best! Very professional, efficient and capable. Despite some challenges at move-in including a torrential downpour, the crew (Kelly (the boss herself), Ian, Rob, Julie, Susan and David were upbeat, considerate and responsive. Special mention to Susan – a human dynamo – involved from beginning to end including making up our bed! Charges were in line with the estimate
Bill Tomes
Positive: Responsiveness
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I recently moved my mother to an assisted living facility and was recommended Darling Solutions for the move. Their name should be Guardian Angels. They took care of all needs and made my life so much easier. I live in Toronto and was managing this move in Ottawa. I had to rely on trust and reputation. Boy did they come through for me. Every service I needed they provided. The entire process from start to finish was done with accuracy and professionalism not to mention with heart when dealing with someone with dementia. I will definitely recommend Darling Solutions for any move involving an elderly person if you want a team that gets the job done with compassion!
Brendan Gleeson
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
Darling Solutions ensured that our whole move process was completed thoughtfully, professionally and at a very reasonable price. From the assessor to the movers themselves, it was obvious that this whole company believed in excellent customer service. I would refer them to anyone who needed good and reliable moving services.
Marjorie Harvey
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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Ten years ago, Kelly, Founder and Director of Darling Solutions, helped us move from our house to a condo with the help of a very small team. We could not have done it without them. We are delighted to see how Kelly’s business and team have grown into a sizable organization. We did not hesitate to ask her to help us with our recent move, from condo to retirement residence.

Again, we could not have done it without them! From decluttering and packing our condo to moving and setting us up in our new home, every member of the team was hardworking, helpful, warm and extremely competent. Their attention to detail in setting up our new place was remarkable. Honourable mention to the whole team: Kelly, Shawn, Ian, Phyllis, Barb M., Barb Y. Jack, Susan, Glen and Paul. Barb M., our team leader, and Ruth, in the office, were particularly good at calming a nervous client.

We recommend Darling Solutions without reservation. We can’t thank them enough.

Marj and Weldon
Susanne Cork
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
We recently engaged Darling Movers to move my Mother from one Senior's residence to another. This move also required a secondary stop to pick up some additional items and then move everything into her new home. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the Darling team. Right from the first phone call, we knew we were in good hands. The team was so gracious handling my Mother's questions and anxiety about making a move at 93! The quotation we received was very reasonable with no surprises or hidden charges along the way, and everything was accomplished with great efficiency and care. I will be recommending Darling Movers without reservation, to my family, friends and colleagues - this was by far the most worry free move we have made, and we will certainly be engaging them again.
Paul Saker
Recommend? Yes
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My in laws were recently given an opprtunity to move into a retirement facility. This was very much smaller than the home they had been living in for the past 40 years.
Adding COVID into the mix it was almost paralysing to think about. After a recommendation to Contact Darling most of that fear went away.
Professional, competent and most importantly Caring.
They made this move so smooth for my wife and her parents.
On moving day they left their old home and at the end of the day arrived in a new home with all their belongings unpacked and arranged. Completely stress and back pain free. The next day Darling took care of removing items targeted for donation and all remaining items for waste.
I cannot recommend this service enough.
Thank you so much.
Jennifer Perry
Read More
I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help with my parents move.

Frankly thank-you does not even cover it. Your team, led by Julie, was absolutely incredible from the first moment we met down to the beautiful new plant for my mom and our goodbyes at the door.

They were so organized, thoughtful, friendly and polite. It was a sincere pleasure to work with all of them. I enjoyed the experience so much I am almost sad that the move is finished but happy that we will meet again when my parents are ready to hang their many pictures.

Again, I am in awe and am telling anyone with ears about Darling Solutions so they will hopefully in turn tell their friends and family.

Very best regards and please send our thanks once again to your team.