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Kelly Darling Sloan and her team are passionate about helping people, seniors and their families in particular. Darling Solutions was established in 2009 to offer support to seniors and their family, friends and power of attorneys, who are dealing with the challenges of lifestyle changes - whether by choice or not by choice.

Our services are special because of the team that delivers those services. We all care about and love what we do. We are an advocate for the client, a resource for the family and a manager of space, assets and projects. We treat everyone in the same way we would want our own family members treated if they were in transition.

Kelly's Story
Kelly Darling Sloan founded Darling Solutions in 2009. Inspired by a combination of a 30 year career in the hospitality industry, and a graduate of practical nursing, she knows she has found her true calling.

All those years of working with the public, a desire to help people and a gift for attracting team members who share her passion, Kelly's greatest satisfaction is serving those she feels need serving the most - seniors in transition.

Kelly is an accredited graduate of the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTSTM), a Certified International Staging Professional (CISPTM).

Gail's Story
Gail hails from a close family with 8 siblings and has raised 4 great kids of her own. Now retired and working as a specialist with Darling Solutions, Gail's clients are in awe of her attention to detail and calm, casual nature. Having lost both her parents within 6 months of each other, Gail intimately understands what seniors and family members are going through during times of transition.

Gail's emails signature includes this quote "Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts." That's completely Gail.

Susan's Story
With 15 years serving seniors and adults with disabilities, it's obvious that Susan's passion for helping others is an integral part of who she is.

She is a Certified Personal Support Worker (PSW) and does yoga and works out in her spare time too.

Her energy and strength is boundless, as is her positive and encouraging approach to everything she does.

Karen's Story
As a Canadian Armed Forces family member, Karen is very well versed in coordinating and doing the hands-on work involved in moving many times over.

Her experience is key to her quiet, calming and competent approach to supporting even the most stressed of Darling Solutions' clients. She knows because she's been there and it shows every minute she's on the job.

Cathy's Story
Cathy has been a Senior Transition Specialist and Team Leader for Darling Solutions since 2012. Working in the field for over 7 years, Cathy has helped hundreds of seniors and family members through every stage of the transition process. And it's clear that she loves what she does.

Among many things, Cathy is especially skilled at the technological and administrative aspects of transitions and loves digging into those long-ignored piles of papers and getting them organized.

Jessie's Story
Jessie is a Senior Transition Specialist and Team Lead, naturally skilled at every aspect of the transition process.

From patiently helping clients to sort through their belongings to expert staging of a home to prepare it for market, Jessie makes the process flow easily. She is a superb listener and her calm and competent nature just 'fits' with any type of client. She is certified as a Professional Scene Designer with the ASPD as well as a member of the Real Estate Staging Association - Ottawa Chapter.

Maddy's Story
Maddy is a sensitive, hard-working young woman who is an incredible asset to the Darling Solutions team! With her sweet smile and quiet demeanor, she puts any client at ease.

She is currently studying Business at Algonquin College.

Becca's Story
Becca is our Executive Assistant, in charge of organizing all the little details that come with a move. She moonlights as a Senior Transition Specialist and Team Lead with an incredible gift for understanding what clients need and want - and delivering just that. Working with Darling Solutions for over 5 years, Becca is the very definition of knowledgeable and competent about all things 'transition' and is an incredibly hard worker. You'll see when you meet her.

She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and is passionate about raising awareness for mental health. She is currently raising a puppy to work as a therapy animal.

Ian's Story
Ian is our lead man for the Darling Solutions moving team. He has a unique combination of strength, smarts, skills and sense of humor - just an all around great person. His exceptional work ethic and his gentle, kind nature make him instantly likable, even lovable, to all those who meet and work with him.

Outside of work, Ian can be found coaching his son's hockey team, cruising on his motorbike or enjoying time with his wife and 3 kids - who are not so much kids anymore.

Ben's Story
Ben is hardworking, conscientious and the perfect complement to Ian's more outgoing nature. Bottom line, Ben always takes great care in all he does and you can trust your belongings are in good hands.

When not at work, Ben can be found playing hockey and has newly acquired an affinity for traveling to warmer climes to recharge for his important work with Darling Solutions.

Wes's Story
Wes strives to provide an exceptionally high level of customer service. He is a perfectionist who is a reliable, honest gentleman. He cares a lot and loves to make people happy! You'll see him behind the wheel of our trucks.

Wes was born in South Africa, but is a New Zealand citizen who is new to Canada. He loves travelling the world, learning new things about himself as well as the cultures of others, and outside of his working life he is passionate about cooking and loves being in the kitchen, cooking delicious food and entertaining friends. He looks forward to starting a family and opening his own business!

Sam's Story
Sam is quick with a smile and always happy to help where he can. Well rounded, he works with Darling Solutions as both a packer and a mover.

Glen's Story
Glen has a wealth of experience around moving - 15 years, in fact! He has specialized in senior moving for the last 6 years and is an expert. Fantastic multi-tasking and problem solving skills are only a small part of what makes Glen so wonderful.

He thrives when he is helping others... it gives him a sense of peace! Let his confidence, calm nature, and can-do attitude guide you through your move.

Philip's Story
Philip is a Senior Transition Assistant who brings an upbeat attitude and an efficient work ethic to every job. Philip can always be relied upon to ensure that the client’s needs are met as effectively as possible, and he does it with a smile!

Philip hails from the West Coast where some of his most cherished childhood memories are of time spent with his grandparents. Philip is currently studying Political Science and Communications at the University of Ottawa. In his free time Philip can be found running, playing soccer and patiently cheering for the Vancouver Canucks through all their bad seasons.

Kathy's Story
Kathy is a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist and the owner/operator of K. Turner Transitions who often partners with Darling Solutions. Kathy has thirty years experience working with seniors and their families and her kind spirit and caring nature makes Darling Solutions proud to work with her.

Shannon's Story
Shannon works with Darling Solutions as a Transition Specialist. She is a Dental Hygienist and works part-time with Darling Solutions.

Travis's Story
Travis works part-time with Darling Solutions as a mover. He is currently making great progress in his apprenticeship to become an electrician.

Jack's Story
Jack works part time with Darling Solutions as a packer. He is cheerful and kind, and he starts at Algonquin in the fall.

Jacob's Story
Jacob works part-time with Darling Solutions as a mover. He is currently studying Commerce.

Dave's Story
Dave is just plain incredible. Whether he's heading up a moving team on a job or providing advice and/or services for things that need to be fixed up before a house hits the market, Dave is a wealth of knowledge and talent.

Dave is also the Darling Solutions 'go to' guy for painting and minor fix ups and you can count on him to be fast, accurate, pragmatic and personable every time.
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